Pumpkin Patch

That first taste of cool fresh fall weather has all of us thinking about just one thing . . .

Big, fat, tall, small, upright, tilted, glass or clay, orange, purple, pink or clear . . .
one of them will suit your style. Like nature's pumpkins, each of our creations has its own personality and little quirks that make them special.

Pumpkin Patch

Cedar Creek Gallery Pumpkin Patch

Opens Friday, October 2 at 10am

participating artists include:
Alan Bennett, Matt Decker, Mark Fitzgerald & Hyunh Mai, Harrison Harper, John Martin, Lisa Oakley, Marsha Owen, Sam Scharr, Jennifer Stas, Pringle Teetor

We'll have a bumper crop in October for the festival and some late varieties through the Thanksgiving season. Consider one for a hostess gift for that chef you're glad is cooking the turkey instead of you or take some home to enjoy for yourself.

Worried that you might not make it to the pumpkin patch before we sell out?
Click here to shop online from a selection of Lisa Oakley's pumpkins.