Luna:  Dragonfly Teapot
NTSX167-1     $425 SOLD
CJ Niehaus

Thrown porcelain with underglaze pencil illustration and underglaze washes.  Fired to cone 6.

"Dragonflies have been meaningful animals throughout my life.  During times of distress, the sight of a dragonfly reassured me.  I heard the Native American folklore of the dragonfly, as it offered hope to travelers.  They knew water was near, and therefore, life.  All of life is a journey, and we are traveling through it, happy for reassurance that there is hope ahead in times of darkness.  The moon symbolizes the female energy and light that guides.  In my gratitude to the powerful love of women in my journey, I offer up this vessel that embodies nourishment and comfort in a shared ritual.  Hope, love and community in a teapot."  ~ CJ

photo credit:  Jennifer Dolan