NTSX114-1  Paul Linhares  Persian Vine Teapot

Persian Vine Teapot
NTSX114-1      $195 SOLD
Paul Linhares

Earthenware and white slip.  Fired to cone 1 oxidation.

"This functional teapot is like the famous Chinese YiXing teapots.  It has a fine holed interior strainer and is unglazed to develop the flavor of tea over time.  Pre-heat the teapot before adding boiling water by rinsing it out with hot tap water.

The surface decoration is made by rubbing a cobalt mixture into the impressions of hand-carved, clay stamps  and was inspired by the confluence of cultures that traded on the Silk Road from China to Persia to the Mediterranean."  ~  Paul

photo credit:  Paul Linhares