NTSX106-1 Meryl Ruth Kit-Tea Teapot

NTSX106-1     $900 NA
Meryl Ruth


"A tall, smooth-leather boot is used to make a mold from which a clay boot could be cast.  The boot mold is made in several sections.  The process involves using a rubber mold with an outer plaster mold for reinforcement.  The segments are then joined together by score and slip method.  The assembled negative mold is used to make a positive clay replica of part of the boot;  the remainder is sculpted.  Press mold corrugated boot sole and heel are made and affixed.  Sculpting the leaopard emerging from the boot is done next.  It is hollowed before being permanently attached in place atop the boot.  An extruded clay handle is attached as well;  it does double duty as the leopard's tail.  The tail's distal end is added in place at the base of the lacings on the front panel of the boot.  The spout projects from the leopard's left shoulder.  After all the structural details are completed, the work is allowed to dry thoroughly in air to greenware state.  It is then fired to cone 04.  Detailed embellishments with glazes and China paints cover the surfaces of both the leopard and the boot with a leopard-skin pattern."  ~  Meryl

photo credit:  Meryl Ruth