NTSX106-2  Meryl Ruth  A Stitch in Tea Time Teapot

A Stitch in Tea Time, A Ceramic Teapot
NTSX106-2     $900 SOLD
Meryl Ruth

Stoneware clay and glazes.

"This teapot is a thrid iteration in the evolving series begun with the prototypical free-form sewing machine representations, Treadle Kettle... It is hand-built from stoneware clay by a number of techniques.  These include slab construction (detachable teapot base as sewing machine base), press mold (machine body as main teapot chamber), slip cast mold (teapot lid as a spool of thread), sculpting (teapot details) and sculpted extruded clay (control wheel as teapot handle).  After construction is complete, the work is allowed to air dry thoroughly to its greenware state.  Once dry, the teapot is fired in an electric kiln to cone 04.  Black cone 5 glaze is then applied to all inner surfaces of theteapot to ensure the main chamber is watertight and therefore, functional.  Black underglaze is applied to all exterior surfaces and the sewing machine base.  Multiple additional firings are done after each layer of decorative silkscreened decals, lusters and China paints are added. "  ~  Meryl

photo credit:  Meryl Ruth