NTSX174-1  Lana Heckendorn

Dome Teapot & Slim Mugs
NTSX174-1     $249 SOLD
Lana Heckendorn


"The form of the teapot is an interpretation of a church dome I used to walk by almost daily when I lived in Philadelphia.  I became very interested in domes, and intrigued by their physical strength, plus their potential use as pouring vessels.  My pots are thrown, with hand-built additions.  The spout on this teapot is made from a thick coil, which is pierced with successively larger dowels and rolled and pinched.  My handles are all made from clay blanks which are weighed, partially dried, then attached and pulled from the pieces themselves.  This teapot has a hand-built lock to prevent the lid from coming off while pouring tea."  ~  Lana

photo credit:  Lana Heckendorn