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The Museum of American Pottery came into being as a result of an exhibit called "Old Pots" at Cedar Creek Gallery in the 1970's. This exhibit of pots was initially scheduled to run for 30 days, but the public response was so great that the exhibit became a permanent feature. Upon seeing the exhibit, visitors would remark: "My grandmother had a pot like this. I'm going to see if she still has it." Pottery students also began to take an interest. Some became attracted to a particular potter's work and began seeking out not only other articles about the potter but actual pots that were made by the potter.

One of the factors contributing to the success of the "Old Pots" exhibit was that the pots were unpretentious pots; they were made for everyday use. Another factor was the remarkable quality evident in the pots -- such as those made by Daniel Segal (1805 -- 1867). Segal worked in the Catawba Valley area of North Carolina and filled his kiln with storage jars, butter churns, whiskey jugs, "dirt dishes", and grave markers. The last thing on his mind was creating pieces for a museum. Yet, these humble pieces continue to inspire and enrich our lives today. It is important that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to experience these pots.

Starting a museum on a potter's salary has been difficult but rewarding. Often we have had to forego buying pieces of work for the museum because we simply did not have the money to do so. Fortunately with the help of friends who loaned or donated pieces of work, the museum's collection has grown to nearly 400 pieces.

The following are the objectives of the Museum of American Pottery:

  • To honor family and studio potters who, through their work, have made a significant contribution to the arts.

  • To establish a permanent collection, open to the public, of historic and contemporary pottery by family and studio potters.

  • To establish a library of books, magazines, articles, videos, and photos of pottery and potters from 1700 to the present

  • To provide funds for research and opportunities for pottery students to further their studies.

  • To make sure that examples of work by these potters is preserved for future generations.

The Museum is located on the grounds of Cedar Creeek Gallery
and is free to the public. It is open 7 days a week



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