Politically Charged: Art Celebrating American Democracy

What if

The show opens October 5th in conjunction with our 45th Annual Fall Pottery and Glass Festival and runs through Election Day, November 6th.

The endless election political commentary has already begun on the television, radio, and in newspaper.  Leading into the election, join us in this creative perspective on democracy. Artists will exhibit their satirical, serious, subtle or scandalous interpretation of American politics in pottery, glass, wood, metal and fiber.

No matter what your personal political leanings are this should be an interesting show.

Artists include:

Alan and Rosemary Bennett, Tracey Broome, William Brouillard, Melisa Caddell, Nell Chandler, Erick Haagensen, A. Brooke Heuts, Jennifer Mecca, Marsha Owen, Gillian Parke, Andree Richmond, Justin Rothshank, Laurie Shaman, Darcy Szeremi, Adam Posnak, and Noi Volkov.

And please remember to vote!