Pringle Teetor

Born and raised in New Orleans, a former potter and a photographer, Pringle retired several years ago as IT manager for her husband's office to return to the art world.  She had originally planned on going back into photography but on a whim decided to try glassblowing when a Photoshop class didn't have enough people and was cancelled.  She has never looked back. “Glassblowing has always fascinated me but I never had the opportunity to try it. Colors, patterns and how it interacts with light are what attract me.  With a camera, I can usually make the shot I see in my mind become a print, but making the molten glass on the end of my pipe match what I see in my mind is more of a challenge. It is an art form combining art and science and you MUST be %100 at all times."  This past year she was invited to participate in the show “Who’s Who in Glass, 2010” in Massachusetts and did a large pond installation for the sculpture show “Come Out and Play” this past summer.

How Pringle came to Cedar Creek…

“When I first moved up to NC from Texas in 1995, some friends who had recently left Chapel Hill kept telling me about Cedar Creek Gallery.  He knew used to be a potter when I was in San Antonio and said “You HAVE to go there!” He and his wife gave us a gift certificate for a wedding present and kept after us to visit.  A year later we bought a house and came out to Cedar Creek Gallery to shop.  What did we buy?  We bought several of Allen Bennett’s fish including a large grouper, which started our collection of Allen’s work.  Little did I know I’d be out here 12 years later working with him on a “throw and blow”!  When I started blowing glass with my partners, Cedar Creek had the only glass blower around these parts so we would come out to the Glass and Pottery Festivals and watch Lisa Oakley.  Then we met Matt Decker who suggested Dana, Will and I to do the demos during the festivals while Lisa was pregnant.  All this time we were trying to find a space to set up our own studio when during one of these events I looked over at the old studio space Lisa used to use and said, “hey Lisa, can we rent your old studio?”  Without skipping a beat she said, “YES!” and a few months later we started working on equipment and 16 months later we opened.  
It is wonderful place for a studio.  There are many talented artists around and I love it when I look up and see people peeking in the window.  Since there are no other glassblowing studios in the area it’s fantastic to have two of them right here at Cedar Creek Gallery!”