Pat Leveque Oakley

Pat Leveque Oakley founded Cedar Creek Gallery with her husband, the late Sid Oakley. In 1968, the gallery was created to showcase Sid and Pat's work. It now displays and sells the work of over 200 of the finest craftspeople in North Carolina and the United States. The tireless efforts and personal resources of the Oakley family have made Cedar Creek Gallery what it is today.

Pat grew up in Oxford, NC and attended UNC-Chapel Hill. Over the years, she has studied pottery at Penland School of Crafts and with many renowned potters. Pat's work has been primarily coil and slab built, though she spent many years doing wheel thrown work as well. Her pots have been greatly influenced by nature and have an organic quality. To quote Pat, "The closer I am to nature, the more centered I become."

In the early days, Pat made pots, looked after the gallery and raised her children - David and Lisa. Today, Pat occasionally makes pots and lends wisdom and encouragement to the studio artists and gallery staff. Her daughter Lisa continues the legacy and the juggling act of being a craftsperson, gallery owner and mother of two.