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Now through February 28, 2018

Megan Clark :: Eileen Sutton :: Michael Michaud

Now through February 28, 2018

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Megan Clark

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“I discovered metals as a medium while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. It has since become my life’s passion. After graduating I had the privilege to work as a bench jeweler for several years, before taking the plunge into my own business in 2009.  While my home base is currently in Durham, NC, I travel to national juried shows across the U.S. to show and sell my work.

I hand fabricate everything from silver and gold sheet and wire, and draw my inspiration from a combination of architecture and nature. I enjoy balancing strong structures with delicate textures and patterns. In 2010 I began incorporating stingray leather into my work. I treat it like a precious stone by making hollow forms and inlaying the pieces. In 2013, I was honored to receive a Saul Bell Award for my “Stingray Feathers” necklace, which was also featured on the cover of Lark Book’s “500 Art Necklaces” ~ Megan Clark

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Feather Drop Earrings

doodle earrings
Double Earrings

orbit stud earrings
Orbit Earrings

Diamond Circle Studs
Diamond Circle Studs

Seaweed Earrings
Seaweed Earrings

Stingray drop earrings
Stingray Drop Earrings

Eileen Sutton

Eileen Sutton

“I was born and raised in New York, on Long Island. When I pierced my first piece of copper plate at age 17, I was instantly hooked. I was somewhat of a metal purist until my last semester at Tyler School of Art. It was then that I began working with cast resin. Incorporating other elements is sporadic, whereas the constant interest of resin remains. When I finished school, I stayed in Philadelphia because there was a great community of artists and craftspeople.
My first studio was in the space of the late Olaf Skoogfors, a pioneer in the field of art jewelry. It was a shared space with some graduate students from Tyler School of Art. This workspace was more than just memorable, it was an experience that paved the way for where I would go with my work.
There is also a strong bicycling community in and around Philadelphia, which became almost equally important to me. Some of my earliest pieces were from lines I saw painted on the road while cycling. It was a thoughtful place to live. I realized then, I didn’t have to go back to N.Y.C. to get inspired.
My forms are definitely influenced by the color and materials I use, along with what I see in the world around me. Now that I have a family, I don’t travel as far to see the world, but presently going to an arboretum or working in the garden is enough to spur some vision.” ~ Eileen Sutton


RZ reed pin
RZ reed pin

Red Coral set
Red Coral set


Michael Michaud

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Artist Michael Michaud attended the Rochester Institute of Technology's prestigious school for American craftsmen, where he studied under designers Hans Christenson and Gary Griffin and became a master in the creation and manipulation of moulds. After graduating in 1980, Michael Michaud continued to perfect his craft while working under jewellery designers in the New York City area. In 1991, he found himself working in New York City's flower district and living in the beautiful Connecticut countryside - his love of the natural beauty that surrounded him began to blend with his passion for creating jewellery which lead to the birth of Michael Michaud Jewellery. ~ Michael Michuad



Micheal Michaud bracelet

Micheal Michaud earrings

Micheal Michaud earrings

Micheal Michaud pendant




Now through February 28, 2018

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Focusing on the many ways artists explore contemporary ceramics
through the most familiar vessel, the cup.

Now through February 28, 2018

CUPful features over 400 mugs and cups handcrafted by artists from across the United States. Each artist is sending a limited quantity and we still have lots of fun, funky and fabulous cups to choose from. So come out, select your favorite, make a cup of coffee here and take it home to enjoy!

CUPful artists include:

Lily Mae Abels ~ Richard Aerni ~ Nicole Aquillano ~ Andrew Avakian ~ Posey Bacopolous ~
Noel Bailey ~ Dawn Candy ~ Jeff  Dean ~ Steve Dean ~ Amanda Dobbratz ~ Doug Dotson ~
Adrienne Eliades ~ Neil Estrick ~ Marty Fielding ~ Nancy Gardner ~ Terry Gess ~ Erik Haagensen ~ Michael Haley & Suzie Siegle ~ Deborah Harris  ~ Lana Heckendorn ~ Autumn Higgins ~ Steven Hill ~ Meredith Host ~ Jordan Jones ~ Kristen Kieffer ~ Ashley Kim ~ Geoff Lloyd ~ Peg Malloy ~
Stephanie Martin ~ Sarah McCarthy ~ Cory McCrory ~ Jennifer Mecca ~ Brooke Millecchia ~
CJ Niehaus ~ Lisa Oakley ~ Jeff Oestreich ~ Debra Oliva ~ Julie Olson ~ Marsha Owen & Rick Moss ~ Vernon, Pam, Bayle & Travis Owens ~ Liz Paley ~ Marilyn Palsha ~ Gillian Parke ~
Jim & Shirl Parmentier ~ Ronan Peterson ~ Ron Philbeck ~ Teresa Pietsch ~ Brenda Quinn ~
Joseph Sand  ~ Amy Sanders ~ Galen Sedberry ~ Ken Sedberry ~ Yoko Sekino-Bove ~
Laurie Shaman ~ Joey Sheehan ~ Joe Sink ~ Stacy Snyder ~ Jennifer Stas ~ Tom Stoenner ~
Wei Sun ~ Joy Tanner ~ Sandra Torres ~ Brad Tucker ~ Tim Turner ~ Tria Turrou ~ Betsy Vaden ~
Eric Van Eimeren ~ Evelyn Ward ~ Wendy Wrenn Werstlein ~ Marie Wright