48th Fall Pottery & Glass Festival

Lisa Oakley works some glass

* * * RAIN OR SHINE * * *
Friday, October 2, 6-10pm

Saturdays and Sundays
Oct 3 & 4, and Oct 10 & 11
10am - 6pm

Are you tired of the rain?
Join us for two weekends of fun

* * * RAIN OR SHINE * * *

Friday, October 2, 6-10pm
Pumpkin patch by Cedar Creek artisans
Glass blowing demonstrations - Raku firings
On-site food truck for food and beverages
Live Music

Saturdays and Sundays
Oct 3 & 4 and Oct 10 & 11
10am - 6pm

Pumpkin patch by Cedar Creek artisans
Pottery demonstrations - Glass blowing demonstrations
Wood turning and copper sculpture demonstrations
Kiln openings - Kiln firings - Raku firings
Live music - Plant sales
On-site food trucks for food and beverages
Cedar Creek Raffle to Benefit CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund)

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Lisa Oakley works a piece of glass

Lisa Oakley is celebrating her new furnace!

Please join us in Lisa's studio on

Friday, October 2nd at 7:30pm

to christen the new furnace with the making of a ceremonial witches ball. We'll share a champagne toast once the witches ball is created and announce the new furnace's name.

The new furnace, built by Wet Dog Glass from Star, NC, will hold 400 pounds of molten glass, allowing Lisa to spend a lot more time actually blowing glass and making beautiful work for us to enjoy. Lisa is incredibly grateful for the support she has received all these years which makes the purchase of the new furnace -- and the support of numerous craftspeople -- possible. It's a partnership and we could not do it without you.

Lisa Oakley's new furnace some frivolity in the studio

Want bragging rights forever?

After 19 years of service, Lisa is retiring her faithful furnace, Molly (short for Hot Tamale), and replacing her with a state-of-the-art model. But what to call her? Lisa envisions a melodious feminine name that references heat or fire or something smokin' hot and has a fun, casual nickname.
Send your sizzling suggestions to lisa@oakleyglass.com.

UPDATE:  10/3/15 - Lisa chose the name Seraphina!   In Hebrew, Seraphina means "fiery ones".

A studio tradition

Glass studios traditionally make a witches ball as the first creation in a new environment to ward off evil spirits, ill fortune or witch's spells. The bad spirits enter a hole in the top of the hollow glass sphere and get trapped inside, never to do their evil deeds. While we have no bad vibes at Cedar Creek, we're not going to mess around with a successful tradition!